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4 7/8in x 13 1/8in + Flap, Crystal Clear Bags (100 Pieces)

Your product is the star of this crystal clear packaging. Our B413 Crystal Clear Flap Seal Bag measures 4 7/8" x 13 1/8" and is ideal for art, photos, crafts, cosmetics, and more. This bag fits a 4 1/2" x 13" product up to 5/16" thick. The adhesive strip is located on the bag flap so you can customize the fit for your product.

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100 Pack
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6in. x 9in. + Flap, Crystal Clear Protective Closure Bags (100 Pieces)

Protective Closure Bags make art and photo packaging a snap. This B6X9SPC Protective Closure Bag is intended for art and photos smaller than 6 x 9 inches. This resealable bag also works great for stationery, half sheet paper, and crafts. Protective closure bags have the adhesive on the bag instead of the flap. Archival safe.

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100 Pieces
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